Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dahlan Iskan Housing Rated Not Understanding Problem

SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan judged not understand the national housing system . This is evident from her ngototnya related acquisitions State Savings Bank Tbk ( BTN ) by PT Bank Mandiri Tbk ( BMRI ) .

Indonesia Property Watch members Tranghanda Ali explained , there should not be anything wrong with the acquisition of BTN when seeing the benefit of the bank . Bank will be able to increase its market share is predicted to be the biggest in Southeast Asia .
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" But unfortunately the government is too ambitious to make state-owned banks as major banks from commercial point of view the capitalist , without understanding the national housing system is still constrained by many problems , " he said in a statement in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) .

Allegations that says that the BTN is still limited in lending may be misplaced. The reason that it is not an issue in the BTN , but the national housing system that is still not good .

This means that the BTN will follow the supply of low-cost housing that should be the responsibility of the government . Bank BTN just as the housing loan portfolio . The more housing supply , more and more mortgages are disbursed , and vice versa .

"The comments of the Minister of SOEs related to it shows an understanding of the national housing very minimal , " he explained .


Acquisition of Self - BTN , BTN Employees : Dahlan Bullshit !

Minister of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) Dahlan Iskan adamant not to give up fight for the realization of the acquisition of the State Savings Bank Tbk ( BTN ) to PT Bank Mandiri Tbk ( BMRI ) . Although many of the Unions against BTN ( BTN ) .

Dahlan quibble with acquired Bank BTN , BTN will grow big and strong and permanent welfare of employees BTN absence Termination of Employment (FLE ) . In response, the Chairman of the Central Council of Trade Unions Savings Bank Negara ( BTN ) , Satya Wijayantara assess the extent to SP BTN never involved the acquisition talks .
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" But that's baseball with us , baseball is never discussed , Dahlan could pack this acquisition will prosper the trade unions . Prosperous how ? Prosperous what ? Still abstract , " said Satya to Okezone , in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 23/04/2014 ) .

He adds , in a note there is no consistency of Dahlan Iskan for the welfare of the trade unions in Indonesia , both state-owned and private .

He also asserted , if the acquisition is still running there will be downsizing employees that led to the Termination of Employment (FLE ) .

" Outsourcing just a mess , he said it would fit first acquisition of a company he says ' this will not lead to layoffs ' but in fact there were 670 layoffs , " said Satya with high tone .

According to him , the things discussed Dahlan Iskan for welfare and no layoffs if the acquisition is really happening is nonsense . " I said it was abstract . Shaped nonsense . Prosperous what ? Anyone? Dianya ? Obviously there are consequences layoffs , " he said . ( MRT )


Monday, April 21, 2014

"Silent Operation" in the disco Pretty Effective

Nightclubs until today is still a favorite location of drug abuse and narcotics . It is considered less strict supervision conducted nightclub management , both to employees and the guests who come .

From City News searches at a nightspot in Mangga Besar some time ago , a lady escort visitors admitted often forced nightclubs for using drugs .

" Several times , I drink inex entered by guests . Sometimes I do not know , " he said .

This fact proves visitors easily nightclub still taking drugs in entertainment places he visited.

Head of West Jakarta Drug Polrestro , Adjunct Senior Commissioner Yudha Kingpin , aware of it . He said he was trying to do a silent operation to suppress the drug dealers in a nightclub .

His efforts are not in vain . During 20 days of operation , 10 specialist drug dealers arrested in a nightclub four different places . It is said kingpin , arrest drug dealers do not tarkait the nightclub management .

" They are operating in the pat - tern of evening entertainment, but not the local employees , " he said .
more effective

Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police , Commissioner Rikwanto , in Polrestro West Jakarta , said operations will continue to be held to decide upon the circulation of drugs in nightclubs in West Jakarta .
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"It's not a matter Grebek but silent operation , directly to the target . Order to be effective . Economy is still running . Entertainment keep it running . Grebek just so straight to the point , " said Rikwanto .


Sewol ship sinks , the U.S. Add Help

WASHINGTON - The United States ( U.S. ) re- sent help in Ferry sinking Sewol . This time , the Pentagon sends ship USNS Safeguard can serve as a rescue ship .

According to Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren The ship was deliberately designed to salvage and repair the damaged ship anywhere in the region . As reported by AFP on Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) .

Before the USNS Safeguard , Navy ( Navy ) has sent U.S. amphibious ship USS Bonhomme Richard . The ship was already involved in the operation shortly after the incident occurred Sewol .
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Sewol casualty evacuation operation is one of the large -scale search and rescue operation carried out by the South . In addition to deploying 500 divers , South Korea also received help from other countries as well as civil parties .

Sewol sank on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 . Ship is carrying 476 passengers , planning on heading Jeju Island .

Most of the passengers were students school students who will conduct a study tour . Until now , the cause of the sinking is still diselediki , but the ship's captain and some crew have been arrested .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Sari Ater Subang stretcher Sharia Tourism

Tourist attractions Sari Ater, District Ciater, Subang, West Java, stretcher concept of sharia tourist and religious pilgrimage. It was, to solicit tourists from the Middle East (Middle East) and the neighbor country (Malaysia). Because the tourist potential of the Middle East countries and Malaysia is quite high.

General Manager of PT Sari Ater Subang, Windiana Son, said sharia tourist and religious pilgrimage this is the latest. Previously, there was no tour packages like this. Because these days many tourists from Malaysia and the Middle East, then the concept of sharia tour rolled. Therefore, tourists from these countries are Muslim majority.

"Hence, we are tour packages that follow the Islamic law," he said on Friday (18/4).
Windiana explained, this package syairah wisawa the separation between the wading pool and rooms for male and female visitors. As well, not providing beverages that contain alcohol.

So, this new tourist segments dengen, every visitor will be separated men and women. Should not, take a dip in the same pool. As well, sleeping in the same room. Rather, there is a special pool of women and men. As well, the bedroom for men and women.

This travel segment, further Windiana, has been running since last year. However, starting this year the rules are more emphasized. However, not all apply the concept of the separation. Rather, the new applied every Tuesday and Thursday.

"Its application, gradually. Hopefully future every day there can be a full separation," he said. However, he continued, to the availability of alcoholic beverages, has actually been banned since 12 years ago. So, visitors who want to soak or stay, there is no service for alcoholic beverages.

Although the tour brought the concept of sharia, it still offers art distinctiveness of local cultures and hotspring (hot tubs). Both, an excellent menu is ready to be served for domestic and foreign tourists.

"We also always serve typical drinks Subang, which is now a pineapple drink favorites," he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations of PT Sari Ater, Yuki Azuania, say, the number of visitors and hotel guests who stayed at the tourist attraction each year increases. In 2013 yesterday, the number of guests staying at Sari Ater reaching 1.6 million people. Meanwhile, visitors who just recreation reaches three million people.

"However, the current visitor numbers relative decline as a result of the increasing proliferation of information about the activities of Mount Tangkuban Parahu, he said.
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Associated with new tourist segments, Yuki added, it also offers Islamic pilgrimage tourism is environment. Namely, by providing spiritual cleansing activities, nature and musings tadabur night for the visitors.


Be careful , Energy Drinks Make Impotence

Matters of sex , male masters . Some women even assume that men will always be ready when invited to make love . Especially if he's already consume energy drinks , its performance in the bedroom instantly increased . But if you want him to stay healthy , it's good to start forbid consume energy drinks .

Therefore , energy drinks are designed to provide sexual drive in men also became one of the causes of impotence aka erectile dysfunction . One is Moska , energy drinks which are believed to improve male performance in the bedroom .
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As quoted by the Daily Mail page , this product claims that it uses ingredients such as natural and Siberian Ginseng Red . But in fact , the researchers found Vardenafil or Levitra ingredients in the drink .

Actually , Vardenafil or Levitra is a medicine which is used by patients with erectile dysfunction . The content of the drug is not harmful if used as directed by a doctor . Unfortunately , the ingredients contained in the beverage exceeds the prescribed dose by Australia - where the drink is produced - in the treatment of erectile dysfunction .

As a result , some people who consume drinks that experienced prolonged erections . Not only that , these drinks can also make men experience dangerous medical condition called priapism . That's when the male genitals will remain upright for more than four hours and permanently damage it .

Moreover , erectile dysfunction drugs are not usually suitable for men who have very high blood pressure or angina . The drug can also trigger a heart attack . Other side effects are heartburn , nausea and headaches .

" These products pose a serious risk to your health , " said the Therapeutic Goods Administration on news.com

Hearing the news, in its Moska parties said they were devastated because underclared find suppliers use materials , Vardenafil in natural materials .

" Vardenafil is a prescription substance . Thus , we have to stop supplier and is in the process to produce a product with its own formulation . Was done to make sure there are no hidden ingredients . All of our products will then be tested for mematui all the rules , " wrote Moska .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This man was found hanged in hotel

A construction worker was found dead hanging himself in a hotel that is being renovated in Labuang owner , Village Pasangkayu , North Mamuju District , West Sulawesi , on Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) . Police who arrived at the scene immediately lowered the bodies of victims from the place and bring it to the hospital depending Pasangkayu to undergo autopsy .

The man is identified as Arman Gobel ( 56 ) was already known to be a construction worker since the hotel was built two years ago . Men from Gorontalo is living alone in a hotel room that is being built . Arman known since divorced his wife two years ago .

From the results of the crime scene and conducted a physical examination , officers found no signs of physical violence against the victim . Physical characteristics are identified in the body of the victim , among others, a height of about 165 cm and black .

Police also used to secure a rope to hang themselves perpetrators . For the purpose of investigation , officers also put police line at the site .

The police and the manager of the hotel confused because of difficulty contacting families of the victims . The hotel owners also claim not to know trail of the victim's family . Party hotal STAYED allow the victim claimed in one of the rooms while the hotel is being built because the victim should seek pity rented house at a cost quite expensive .

Invisible Criminal Police North Produktion , AKP Herman W Simbolon EDCO , said police do not yet know the motive actor hanged himself . Police are still awaiting autopsy results . But while pure conjecture suicide .

" We are investigating the motive of the victim's death . The bodies we evakuyasi to the hospital to undergo outopsi ruamh to unravel this case , "said Herman .
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The body is now interred in korbna Hospital North Produktion while waiting and looking for traces of the victim's family .