Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ask participants Convention Democratic Candidates Ask Alternatives

Convention participants Democratic Presidential Candidate , Endriartono Sutarto , not concerned if it will stop the event conventions Conventions Committee . However , Endriartono encourage Democrats keep asking the presidential candidates from 11 participants of existing conventions . He considered the eleven participants of the convention could be an alternative choice of candidate .

"In connection with the convention , no need dimasalahkan again . Pricing or do not go , we already know that the three parties submitted capresnya , Jokowi , ARB ( Bakrie ) , and Prabowo . Accordingly , the Democratic candidate who could ask Mr. Jokowi not imitation , imitation ARB , imitation , Prabowo . eleven participants actually could be an alternative candidate , "said Endriartono when contacted on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

Endriartono said Democrats should not be discouraged by a vote of 10 percent based on a quick count Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting ( SMRC ) . According to him , stating that the party winning the 2009 elections it was still above the previous surveys estimate that put the Democrats won only 4-5 percent sound .

" That number is no contribution from the convention . Who knows who contribute from this ? Can contribute SBY , conventions , and also candidates . So , the vote that missed the target it should not be questioned , " said the former Commander of the TNI .

Therefore , he believes Democrats should do first lobbying with other parties to form a coalition . According to him , if the coalition with two other parties , Democrats still may propose a candidate .

Earlier, Chairman of the Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention Committee Maftuh Basyuni states , the convention is now vacuum break after the Democrat Party off target . The Convention Committee is now just waiting for direction from the Supreme Council of the Democratic Party convention continuation fate that has entered the final stage .

Maftooh said , there are actually two conventions are supposed to run the agenda , participants debate the convention and the second survey . The second survey is the last survey conducted on 11 participants of the convention and the convention will be a decisive winner .

" The survey was actually done on April 10 , but now the rest first , " said the former Minister of Religious Affairs .
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Based on a quick count Compass Research & Development , Democrats fell to fourth place with 9.43 percent of the vote . Democrats lost the PDI - P won 19.24 percent of the vote on a quick count , the Golkar Party ( 15.01 percent ) , and Gerindra ( 11.77 percent ) . With the vote , the Chief Executive of the Democrat Party Democrats Sjarifoeddin Hasan stated to be realistic with asking only vice .


Democrats would Change Convention Convention vice presidential candidates so

Democratic Party convention to consider changing their presidential candidate who became the convention's degree candidate. This is because the vote on the Democrats in 2014 legislative elections did not meet the target, only in the range of 9 percent based on a quick count.

"The Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention could be converted into a convention running mate with the same participants," said Chairman of the Board of Trustees Daily Democrat, EE Mangindaan, in Jakarta, Tuesday, April 15, 2014.
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It was, said the Transport Minister, is not impossible, as a sharp drop in Democratic votes this election. The Democratic party in the 2009 elections is a winner with the acquisition of 20.85 percent of the national vote, now just sits in fourth position, under the PDI-P, Golkar, and Gerindra.

Previously, one of the participants of the Democratic convention, Marzuki Alie, suggested that the convention is stopped. "Convention right to seek a candidate. While the Democratic position now, the convention continued difficult because we can not carry its own presidential candidate, "the House Speaker said.

But the proposal was opposed by the other convention participants, Anies Baswedan. He believes the vote is no maximum Democrats became the party's test to retain the convention, the convention-winning record should not be a candidate as the original plan.

"Maybe so running mate. What is certain conventions must be completed as an example to the other party. Do not let this be a good breakthrough future reference so that the convention is not done anymore, "said Rector of the University of Paramadina it.

While the Democratic presidential candidate of the Convention Committee fully devolved to the fate of convention attendees Upper House Democrat who chaired Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. "The Committee organizes and facilitates. So now we proceed to the upper house, "said the member of the Convention Committee, Fera Febrianti.

Report: Yoga Kuspratomo, AFP


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boko Haram Kills 60 Life

Nigeria's Boko Haram Insurgents launched attacks back in a number of villages in the northeastern state of Borno . Attacks in the region bordering Cameroon , killing at least 60 people and wounding dozens more .

" The attackers , no doubt the group Boko Haram , stormed Amchaka and nearby villages this morning ( Sunday, April 14, 2014 ) , " said Baba Shehu Gulumba , officials from the local government , AFP reported by Al Jazeera .

Gulumbu said the attackers used trucks , motorcycles , and two armored vehicles . They shot and burned houses in several villages in the district Bama .
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" They opened fire brutally confused residents who tried to escape , " Gulumba added . Not only that , the group Boko Haram also destroy the only source of water for the villagers .

Attacks carried out group Boko Haram has prompted the exodus of villagers . Previously also reported to have occurred spate of brutal attacks on schools and universities which sparked a boycott of the university entrance exam on Saturday, April 12, 2014 , by hundreds of students . ( Read : Boko Haram Attacked , Killed 59 Students Burned )

Armed militia group Boko Haram wants the establishment of an Islamic state in northern Nigeria . At least 250 thousand people have been left homeless by a series of attacks that occurred at their residence .


Placing Asus Computers Exceed Smartphone Capabilities

JAKARTA - Indonesia's largest notebook manufacturers , Asus , start putting powerful notebook computing capabilities to meet the needs of everyday computing to a smartphone . Like one smartphone series which Asus Asus Zenfone , who claimed to have the ability to exceed the computer .

Juliana Cen , Manager of Product Management and Marketing , Asus Indonesia said , Asus is looking at the smartphone as a computer that can be carried in the palm of the hand .

" Smartphones for the processor , graphics , memory , storage area dat , battery , camera and LCD screen . Similarly , the Asus notebook which has a better capability , " said Juliana Cen , the Okezone , Sunday ( 13/04/2014 ) .
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" So what is the difference between a smartphone and a laptop ? Only shape just smaller , but the ability is almost the same , " he explained .

Asus as is known , before focusing on the smartphone business , started its business in 1989 as a computer company and is known as the number one motherboard brand in the world .

Asus notebook then become a brand for the world's second largest consumer market and is now the largest notebook brand in Indonesia .

In the past 25 years , ASUS has taken the lead in computer technology and design innovation . In 2013 alone , ASUS won 4,256 awards from professional organizations around the world . It was recognized Cen , making ASUS got more than 11 awards per day .


Friday, April 11, 2014

April 17 Deadline for Secure licensee "Dot ID"

Brand holders in Indonesia have been granted privileges on the Sunrise Period to register and purchase the internet domain " Apapun.id " ​​since 20 January to 17 April 2014 . Once past that date , the holder of the brand is no longer given the privilege of getting internet domain corresponding to the trademark.

Internet Domain Name Management Indonesia ( Pandi ) , as the party that governs Internet domain in Indonesia , reminded that trademark owners who take advantage of time Sunrise Period left only this week .

Pandi chairman Sigit Widodo explained , brand owners who have not received the trademark certificate from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR ) , the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights , can still register by attaching the brand registration form issued by the Directorate General of IPR .

" So it really is not difficult to register a domain name corresponding to the brand of the Sunrise Period , " he said when contacted KompasTekno , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

If the later registration and domain purchase " Apapun.id " ​​has entered the second period or periods Grandfather (April 21 to June 13, 2014 ) , then the holder of the brand is no longer a priority .

Furthermore Sigit said Grandfather Period ending prioritize internet domain purchase . Ids to those who already have a two -level domain ( DTD ) that ends . Co.id , . Or.id , . Web.id , . My.id , and so on .

" That is, if there is someone called Sony and had previously been the domain sony.my.id , he will be entitled to register the domain name holder sony.id than Sony brand , " said Sigit .
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Until 10 April 2014 , there have been 300 internet domain names ending in . Ids are registered and purchased by the trademark holder . Such data can be viewed on the website by clicking the banner Domain.id below .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Demo Pro-Russia Tolak Amnesti Ukrainian

KIEV - pro - Russian demonstrators who had taken control of several government buildings in East Ukraine , reportedly rejected the amnesty offered by Kiev . The decision further raise tensions in Ukraine .

The Ukrainian government previously said it would not prosecute the protesters when they hand over their weapons . However , the offer was rebuffed . In fact , the pro - Russian states will not move from the building they have mastered .

Not only that , the pro - Russian demonstrators also filed loaded to the government . The new states will lift their feet from the buildings under their control when Kiev approved the holding of a referendum in some regions of Ukraine .
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Seeing tough stance of the pro - Russian , some Ukrainian security officials and government , suggested that the government take stern action against the pro - Russian groups . However , the President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said , action will be taken government should not trigger bloodshed .

" We want to rectify this situation by minimizing the number of victims , " said Turchynov in front of the Ukrainian parliament , told Al Jazeera on Friday ( 11/04/2014 ) .

Conditions in the former Soviet Union is increasingly coming nadir after several government buildings in the East of Ukraine controlled by the pro - Russian . This group describes the actions they perform as demands secede from Ukraine .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The art of oration, Between Propaganda and blend School

In the history of Islamic civilization , the idea of ​​morality evolved through several stages and integrate the various elements of thought . Two current critical thinking , moral thinking is Persian and Greek ethical philosophy , have taken part in its development .

Teachings can be found in the literature both Muslim civilization . However , current thinking is that most influence the teachings of Islam, especially Sufism supported .

Among the innovations the traditionalists , in addition to Law Schools , institutions of higher education law ( fiqh ) , an exclusive curriculum , and the teaching authority of the certificate , there is one more that they introduce in the field of moral philosophy . It is a lecture ( wa'zh ) to deliver sermon and advice.

In general , the art of public speaking can be divided into two types , namely preaching and wa'zh . Sermon done on Friday , delivered a preacher who was appointed by the Caliph .

While wa'zh delivered an autonomous scholars , namely Islamic jurist , Sufi , penghafal Koran , Hadith or an expert . Transmission can be done in mosques , surau , or madrassas .

Such propaganda lectures or delivered as a subject . On another occasion , it was as advice or warning to the government officials in the form of a letter or publicly presented before the masses .

In contrast to a preacher who was appointed ruler , wa'zh not specified a status ruling . Did not like the preacher , a speaker uses his speech to admonish , warn , and criticized the ruling .
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Wa'zh quite difficult to distinguish from Qasas ( story ) and tadzkir ( warning ) . Wa'zh be submitted on the official forums . Qasas or a public lecture delivered on city streets . Penyampainya called qashsh ( interpreter story ) or Mudzakkir ( warner ) . Errors of these terms for reviews Ibn al - Jawzi ( 597 H/1200 M ) .